Insurance Review

The only time we like to think about reviewing our insurance is when it goes up or we make a big purchase such as a house or vehicle. Otherwise most of us just pay that bill each and every month.  

The crazy thing is, you might be missing out on a discount.  I've seen people that forgot to cancel a vehicle or thought the DMV would cancel the policy for us.  What about when a loan is paid off, we need to take the company off the policy.  There are a million tiny reasons to pick up the phone and find out what is going on with the insurance. 

Discounts that you should be receiving is like throwing away money.  Lets face it, we can all use more money. 

Its important to have the coverages that we need when something happens. Who wants to find out after the fact that they do not have rental car coverage or glass coverage once you have a vehicle stolen or in an accident. These times are already stressful enough. 

If you do not remove the leinholder from a vehicle once the vehicle is payed off, it can take time if there is an accident to get the money for your vehicle.  

Trying to get a vehicle cancelled after you have been paying on it for years is also a big headache. No one wants to pay for something they no longer own.  

Request a free insurance review.  We love making insurance easy for you!